Dalia El Ali Creative Content Writer - Visual Designer



My name is Dalia El Ali, and I'm a Creative Writer and graphic designer. I hold a B.A in Communications and a Minor in Visual Arts from the Lebanese American University (LAU). I started my career as a Creative Copywriter then moved on writing News and Feature articles for The Daily Star, Global Voices and Forbes.

As a content writer, I live by McLuhan’s phrase “The Medium Is The Message”. Whether the message is in a form of copywriting, press release or article, the ultimate goal is still the same. It’s to create something that will wow the audience.

Once you figure out how to answer the 5 W’s and the H through your content, you’ll be able to understand what the public is looking for. Combine that with the use of images and/or design, and you’ll be able to attract the audience's attention. Check out my work!

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